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How do I choose the right plan?

Use an online calculator such as www.freedieting.com or http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html to figure out how many calories you consume daily to maintain your current weight.


To lose or gain weight, it is recommended to start by choosing a caloric range that is about 300-500 calories less or more than your current maintenance level. You may choose caloric range within your maintenance level, to maintain your weight but improve your body decomposition and lead a healthy life style.


For example if you currently weigh 75kg and require 2300 calories to stay at that weight, then to lose weight, you should choose a meal plan that offers between 1800 – 2000 calories per day.


We strongly recommend to avoid taking an extreme measures by greatly reduce or increase you calories comparing to your current maintenance level.


We also have a custom plan in case you want to design a program of your own.


Reach out for us, if you have any questions about the right plan for you.


Do I need to consult a dietitian or a doctor before going on Body Blast?

inSeason Body Blast is designed in consultation with certified professionals. Each program has all the required minerals and fibers in addition to balanced profile of protein, healthy fat and carbs. Each program also has a detoxifying effect activated by the inSeason cold pressed juice.  


Our programs have been tried and tested by many happy customers with great success. We strongly advocate drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated which greatly helps in achieving you fitness goals.  


However, similar to any fitness program, you should be in a good physical and health condition. Please ensure to check up with a doctor before subscribing to any body blast program if you have any unusual allergies, or medical conditions.


How many days is a typical body blast program?

It covers you for 22 days, and you can choose to purchase extra days according to your needs.


How long is a body blast program valid for?

After subscribing to a specific program, you have 45 days to finish the program. You may choose to temporary stop it and reactivate it due to any circumstances as long as you are within the 4 days.