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Our Vision

We believe in utilizing he power of nature to ultimately influence and change the way we eat, eliminating the conventional weight-loss diets and promoting nature-based, healthy and balanced lifestyles.  inSeason is about making the right food choices when it comes to selection, preparation and impact on individuals and environment.  Research indicates that when it comes to food choices, we only incorporate about 5% of the possibilities offered by nature in our daily diets.


Colors Not Calories

Don’t count calories – count your colors! Eating a wide variety of colors is good for your health – the best way to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Whites for immunity support, greens for detoxification, yellows for beauty, oranges for cancer prevention, reds for heart health and purples for longevity!

Cold Pressed, Extra Fresh

We use a cold-press juicer that exerts an enormous amount of pressure, extracting the nectar directly from the pulp of the fruits and vegetables we push through it. This maintains that the nutrients and enzymes your body needs are complete and unharmed, creating the purest form of juice available – fully raw and all the better for you.

Local, Local, Local

Our support for local businesses committed to sustainable practices also sets us apart. Our greens are locally sourced from Egyptian Hydrofarms – a hydroponic farm growing pesticide-free leafy greens and herbs just 52 kilometers outside Cairo.

inSeason Green

We encourage customers to recycle our paper bags and each time 15 large inSeason bags are returned to our store, that person will receive one free BYO salad. We also donate any remaining food to a local food bank and will have reusable plastic salad bowls available in store for purchase very soon.